Unexpected Expenses

one-163442_1280I just heard a commercial that talked about the unintended consequences of moving. It was for a window treatment company, and they used the example of waking up at the crack of dawn the first morning in your new home, and realizing you need curtains.
Unintended consequences isn’t a term I would use. I think I would call them unexpected expenses. Invariably, with every move, there will be unexpected expenses.
My husband and I have moved often. He was looking out the front door of one of our new homes and commented that he had never noticed that little mound in the front yard before. He decided to check it out. As soon as he stepped on it, he was standing in water up to his ankles. The water main had broken. Talk about an unexpected expense!
The purpose of greeting services, like Welcome Home, is to help recent movers navigate through the unexpected expenses. We can recommend people to help with broken pipes, furnaces, cars, bones, teeth, and eyeglasses. We can recommend people to help with the things you thought you could live with, but now that you’re in the house, have decided otherwise. Your furniture looks shabby in your new house; that paint color has to go; you do need window treatments and to remodel. We can help with finding hair dressers, dry cleaners, dance classes and dog groomers.
Greeting services are here to help with the unexpected expenses of moving and to help you feel at home as quickly as possible.