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Meet, Jennifer Zack

The “Welcome Lady.”
If anyone knows what a mover is going through, it’s Jennifer. She has lived in Colorado, Minnesota, New York, Michigan, and Wisconsin before moving to Batavia, Illinois in 1994 with her husband and three daughters.
Of all the places she has lived, Batavia and the entire Fox Valley area are by far the best, and Jennifer wants to share her knowledge and love of the area with you.

Jennifer Zack is a member of the Batavia Chamber of Commerce and Welcome Services International.

Facts About Your New Hometown…


Mayor – Jeffrey Schielke

Population 2020 census – 26,098 City of Batavia Fun fact – The brown folding grocery bag that we use today was developed by Batavia Western Bag Co. in 1885.
Windmill on the Batavia Riverwalk

Batavia Windmill near the Fox River Walk.

North Aurora Silo at night.

North Aurora:

Mayor – Mark Gaffino

Population 2020 census – 18,261

City of North Aurora

Fun fact – Until 1868 North Aurora was called Schneider’s Crossing. At that time a post office was formed and the name North Aurora was assigned.

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